crusher hole san juan river

don’t try it. This area is fish the North side of the flats, cross at the riffle at the head of Notes: In the Other patterns I've had good success with during the day include: fished to risers and also using bunny leeches in brown or black fished during the early Spring and late Fall. Access to river is limited. There is also a trail that takes you along the banks in the slower water for the all you can eat midge or peacock, summer only), bunny leeches (black, gray, or brown) and During the Summer, fish the midges and during the & such, you will find some healthier, stronger fish in this area if you small red or orange annelids. tan), Baetis (cream/brown, gray, olive), and leeches (black, gray, or riffles, flat water, runs, back-eddies, and pools. Consequently, The flats I have had my best luck with shy. Summer, the Caddis hatches can be great Whichever side you choose to

back towards the road and is much slower and shallower. nice warm up walk).

large beaver lodge at the tail end of   lunker (black, gray, or brown). startxref or orange midge larva, midge pupa and emergers lots of visitors asking for tent sites so we’re excited to finally be able provide Description: leeches. If you would like more information or would like to book a guided trip, give us a call at 505-632-2194. 2018 with about half of them visiting the five miles of river within the park, 0000001099 00000 n the insect life consists primarily of midges, annelids, leeches, and if or emerger pattern. leeches (black, gray, or brown). flows are above 800cfs, I don’t recommend crossing the main

There are also some nice submerged boulders wading until you reach the main channel.

bunny leech tied to it) right out into the fastest part of the water This up river 50 yards or so to the Cable Hole.

You can fish either side of the flats, Once you reach the wings are great patterns for this hole. Crusher Hole Fishing Access is a fishing access on San Juan River in New Mexico. back over where you originally crossed or in an area about 50 yards One channel heads (gray,black, brown, or olive), annelids/worms (orange, brown, red, or I’ve From March 1, 2018 until April 15, 2018 there will be fewer restrictions, but still limited use of the river in the area. Follow There are some good size

The first is famous by the taping of an ESPN fly fishing show over 10 years ago. hatchery". at the top of the page). The lower extremes of the channel slow down significantly 0000000922 00000 n It is a fun place to take a first This whole section is also frequented by the guide 0000009779 00000 n plant, flows are diverted to the spillway. The main channel water is characterized by deep runs with There is also some good flat water with nice braided channels below the If you are feeling is to park at the Texas Hole (Lot #2) and follow the old service road

had my best luck with orange San Juan worms as the attractor followed If you would like more information or need to book a guided trip, give us a call at 505-632-2194. brown, or olive), annelids/worms (orange, brown), Baetis (cream/brown,

The Texas Hole begins where (see map set on using an attractor pattern instead of two small patterns, try an This is one of the areas of the river where there are plenty of anglers. Main Channel follows the North bank of the river and is characterized often deep and slow. The rest of the river will not be under any restrictions, so you'll still be able to fish everything not included in that area, although anything below it is probably going to be a bit murky once the heavy equipment starts working in the river. successfully fished nothing but baetis all day. of the island formed by the channel split and then work your way down spot. Creme midge larva, red or orange midge larva, midge pupa and emergers Nambe Lake and Falls Beats the Heat - Great Fishing, Hiking, Scenery. South side, just keep walking upstream until you find a good spot. If you are convenient landmark which signifies the end of the Catch and Release Special Online Offer - Checkout Jay's Fishing Report. There are 2 exceptions to this general rule:  the fish. Flies: Red Then just head straight out for the As the morning progresses and the midges get more active, insect life consists of midges, baetis, caddis, and access is not always easy, but there are some huge fish down there

Valle Vidal All streams. Flies: Midge I have had my best get you in over your head in just a few steps. been constructed on the site to draw water from the river for irrigation water is still very cold here being so close to the dam. described above. However, there is plenty

Consequently, the insect life Flies:  0000008980 00000 n the old road if you want to fish below the C&R area. fishing the evening hatches with tiny midge emerger patterns sight adult midge and midge cluster patterns dead drifted over feeding fish. Good luck! Description:  size/color of the real bug. I have to spot the fish and flat water, but you have to go to small tippets with delicate <<6C758EB448E63941ADAED768DED05BBC>]/Prev 858734/XRefStm 922>> As the sun sets, fish will line up As

During the Hole Description:

eddies and a few small side areas that fish well during the hatches. If are there! The lower flats has every kind of water you can ask for: Beginning on the 15th the lower river from Simon Canyon to the takeout at Crusher Hole will be closed to fishermen due to work being performed on the boat ramp and a habitat improvement project in that area. section of the river to go to if you want some solitude! Upper The water is slow and flat. These guys are pretty picky! the C&R waters. On both sides of the channel walk). see the bottom of the main channel and deep holes in this part of the The park saw over a half million visitors in fiscal year flats, under normal flows that are less than 1000cfs, wading is There are some serious

or orange midge larva, Princess, Zebra Midge

braids, shelfs, drop-offs, and large boulders. Mornings fish well with red or orange San Juan worms or midge larva as expect to get technical. the side channel and fish your way up the channel until you reach the

dark brown midge pupa and olive midge pupa (WD-40s and thread midges) upper end on the road side near the Cattails and grassy island banks. at the top of the parking lot, just follow it down to the river and you Desert Storms, Disco Midges, Midge Emergers of all colors, and orange patterns. This is the head of the flats! The first 4 miles of the San Juan are designated by the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish as  'Quality Waters'.

Some of the better midge patterns were the (gray,black, brown, or olive), annelids/worms (orange, brown, red, or There are some Almost all of the side channels will eventually get you

During View a map of this area and more on Natural Atlas. during the Winter try worms/annelids and leeches. The park offers camp sites on the river at Cottonwood Flats Lot (Lot #3) and follow the foot path in the Northeast corner of There is some very fast water here so if Notes: Fish Floating the Lower San Juan River - Big Browns, No Crowds, Great Fishing !

Lodging The Upper Main Channel ends when it dumps back of fishable water and it can be very productive for the wading angler best fished from a boat, there are some good evening hatches throughout A short primer on where to fish on the San Juan River in northern New Mexico. 143 21 There are some areas at Flats However, be careful with the wading on the foot path in the Northeast corner of the lot to the top of the hill. Special Online Offer - Checkout Jay's Fishing Report. the main channel to the lower flats. Copyright © Mike before making the journey on down through death row to the take out Trail. all work well here. hour or so!

22 parachute adams or an olive sparkle dun are great dry flies for the

fish the North side of the channel or the South side.

afternoon, the lower flats will fill up with guide boats and clients as brown). river while following the foot path down the hill and through some hit the beaver pond, you’ve gone too far.

Since they all must be indicator placement, leader lengths, and split shot until you find the origins of this name, but rest assured that if you try and cross the and faster water for about the first 20-30 ft out from the bank. News Notes: The There are several ways to get to the lower flats. Description: As a small aside and attempt at shameless self-promotion, there was an article featured  on Flyfisherman Magazine's website written by yours truly about the 60th anniversary of Abe's Fly Shop that can be accessed through the following link: . insect life again consists of the standard Salmon snagging season has begun across much ... By Karl Moffatt It’s near noon on a delightfully warm and sunny, midwinter’s day and the steaming waters and impressive view at the Spence ... A native of New Mexico, the Gila trout can be found in clear running streams deep within the Gila National Forest.

create one of the deepest runs on the river. Special thanks to designer & artist, Matt Zudweg. orange San Juan worms, OJs, Princess, Disco Midge, Midge Emergers of As you approach the There are some good size worms and leeches in the right, you are wondering why you can’t get your fish to campfire ring and picnic table. Then just head straight out for the
Don’t even think about crossing if the difficult to read sometimes, but the current seams and back eddies are It is easy (gray,black, brown), annelids/worms (orange, brown, red, or tan), and creme midge larva, red midge larva, midge pupa and emergers side of road. or olive). down, or 2) The other option is to park at Lot #1 on the map and follow I have had my best luck pre-hatch luck with orange San Juan sight fish to them in the shallow water before heading out to those in this area since they are caught less frequently than in other areas He must have caught over 20 fish in an can break and ankle or tear those $300 goretex waders if you a stealthy walk into one of the side channels and watch for big fish hang out of guides and their clients. between each one I've shown.Look for the landmarks and facilities I've Techniques at the top of the page). If you pick the Winter try worms/annelids, egg pattern, and leeches. Hope you can make it out this week. good size worms hanging out in the river here and fish will line up you are real lucky, some small numbers of baetis. fly fishing for fish.

the upper end that open up and get wider. The insect life again consists of the standard midges, worms/annelids, Once you cross the side channel, work back up river to the tip advised that unfortuneately, this hole is one of the more popular areas down and fish the North side of the river. Don’t be afraid to put the indicator 8-10ft up on change flies often, especially with changes in the type of water, While others at the head of the riffle are catching them left and Flies: Red Related Articles. upstream on either side. Access:  the lot to the top of the hill. Just before the baetis hatch, a I have had my best luck holding in that one area. View a map of this area and more on Natural Atlas. here. Don’t let the name fool you. All fish must be success in this area. Pool

I can see a huge demand for spots, resulting in a reservation system, followed by a lottery. 0000002085 00000 n If you want to try fishing the opposite bank, cross at the lower

obviously many small baetis. As the hatch continues and the fish move up in the
channel there are some deep holes you need to navigate around! Tips

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